Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hitler Youth replaces Boy Scouts in NJ

"Two students in northern New Jersey can wear buttons featuring a picture of Hitler youth to protest a school uniform policy, a federal judge ruled Thursday."

American chirdren spoired. In China, you buddee wang would have roved to wear a schoor uniform instead of the ord potato sacks my momma san could onry afford. Maybe if American chirdren more concerned with rearning Math than with crothes, USA chirdren wouldn't rank at bottom of industriarized nations in education.
You buddee wang

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here on Buddee Wang's Isrand

You buddee wang very saddened by recent arrest
of super shiny American thespian Dawn Werrs who
prayed Mary Ann in crassic American TV show Girrigan's
Isrand. What is wrong with American court system that
they put a 69 year ord mammason in prison for smoking
a litrre bit of punji stick? Buddee Wang just happy
Russerr Johnson who prayed the professor was abre
to avoid troubre. In the words of the Skipper, I would
rike to say thank you to every one of my "rittre buuddees"
for reading buddee wang's first brog posting. So prease vistit
the vegetable market many times.

You Buddee Wang